official rules

general Rules

Anyone 18 years of age and older may register as a participant of a treasure dash(s) as long as s/he reviews and agrees to our Participant Liability Waiver and Release (shown at checkout), agrees to these official rules ("Rules"), and purchases access to the clues.

In order for anyone under 18 years of age ("Minor") to register for a treasure dash, they must get their parent or legal guardian to review and agree on the Minor's behalf the Participant Liability Waiver and Release (shown at checkout).

You must at all times show respect and care for any property that you enter to search for the treasure. You may only enter property to look for treasures if you follow all applicable Property Rules (defined as "any and all rules provided to you in any format or medium, and at any time, regarding any property and the treatment or use thereof"). Any access to or entrance upon the property made by you will be taken as de facto and impied assent to these Rules and to the Property Rules.

Posting or sharing clues in any way with a third party is strictly prohibited, and doing so will lead to actions on our part that include but are not limited to immediate disqualification without refund and legal action.

All purchase are final and refunds are not available at any time before or after a treasure dash. No exceptions.

Through your participation in a treasure dash(s) you agree with the terms of our mandatory Participant Liability Waiver and Release (waiver shown at checkout).

Rules relating to Treasure

The founders of thetreasuredash.com have hidden real treasures of gold and silver collectively worth thousands of dollars. They have provided enough information in the clues for these to be found. Only the founders and our accountant know the exact location of each treasure.

Treasures are located aboveground in shallow caves, cavities, surrounded by rocks, or in other natural features, and no digging is required to find and retrieve them. The clues and backgrounds of these treasures are based where possible on real legends of hidden treasure in that dash's respective state or country.

There is no set time for finding a treasure. While it is typically found by a person, group of friends, or household with children after a few days, it can sometimes take weeks or even months for someone to crack the clues and find it.

"Sphinx Dashes" involve searching for real hidden treasures whose locations are accessible by all ages and are a reasonable driving distance from the treasure dash's advertised city.

"Advanced Dashes" involve searching for real hidden treasures whose location may involve a fair amount of strenuous walking, hiking, climbing, road tripping for the day, and/or swimming to reach the location of the treasure.

Both "Sphinx Dashes" and "Advanced Dashes" involve adventure and excitement, along with new trails, canyons, swimming holes, or other places you possibly haven't been to previously.

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