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Legend has it that Aztec gold was hidden somewhere in Utah. The story goes that in the early 1500s during the Spanish conquest of the Americas, the Spanish demanded a ransom in gold for the life of Montezuma, ruler of the Aztecs. They were a civilization that lived in the area of present-day Mexico City.  

Aztec runners were dispatched to warn neighboring tribes to hide their treasures while Montezuma’s own vast treasure was secreted away north by 2,000 Aztec soldiers. Traditions that have been passed down say that the soldiers traveled a great distance and hid Montezuma’s treasure in a faraway land outside of Aztec control.

That land, many believe, is either present-day Arizona or Utah. We are certain it was hidden in Utah, maybe even in a couple of different places there. A hand-drawn map discovered in a monastery in Mexico confirmed our Utah theory, and additional clues have led us to conclude some of the gold was hidden in the Wasatch Front by an early settler who found some of the original treasure in Southern Utah.

But while our Society has searched for the Aztec ruler’s treasure, wanting to protect this priceless piece of history, our efforts have not yielded the results we wanted.

Our current investigator on the case has hit a dead end. We need your help to solve the clues he’s gathered to two different locations around the Wasatch Front that likely each house some of the Aztec gold. One location is easily accessible to anyone, including families that may have junior explorers, while the other location is better accessed by sure-footed advanced treasure seekers.

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